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How To Make Money on Fiverr: A Complete Guide

Remote working has been a popular trend in recent years. One of the world’s best online marketplaces where you can showcase your skills and get paid for the work you do is Fiverr. Knowing how to make money on Fiverr can offer endless work opportunities, giving you a reliable stream of income from any part of the world.

What Is Fiverr?

Fiverr is a leading online marketplace that offers several services referred to as “gigs.” It’s a platform where freelancers can list and advertise their digital services to buyers all over the world.

There are plenty of gigs in different categories, including programming, digital marketing, lifestyle, graphics and design, and more. Whether you’re a writer, a web developer or a virtual assistant, you can make money on Fiverr doing what you love.

The lowest acceptable charge per gig is $5, partly explaining why the platform is called Fiverr. However, that doesn’t mean you should charge $5 — that’s just the base pay.

A general misconception is that Fiverr jobs pay $5. However, this is not true as you can make thousands of dollars depending on your experience and the service you’re offering.

How Does Fiverr Work?

If you have unique skills that others might find helpful, Fiverr allows you to list them as gigs. Whether it’s copywriting, web design, social media marketing or video editing, you can start selling your skill.

To better understand how Fiverr works, there are two parties involved: 

  • Sellers: A seller is anyone looking to sell a service to earn money. Simply put, sellers are freelancers showcasing their skills and services to prospective buyers. A seller lists their services on Fiverr alongside the amount they’d like to be paid. Depending on your experience and the service you’re offering, you can expect buyers to buy your gig anytime.

  • Buyers: A buyer is anyone looking to purchase a service on the platform. Buyers can use the search tool to browse seller profiles and find the ones that meet their requirements before placing an order. The bottom line is that buyers hire sellers to accomplish specific tasks.

How To Start Selling on Fiverr

The process of setting up and making money on Fiverr is easy. Here are four steps to help you get started.

1. Sign Up on Fiverr

Fiverr is only available to registered users. You’ll need to sign up as a seller by filling out your personal information. Fiverr will send you a confirmation link via email. Once you confirm your account, you can go ahead and create a seller profile.

2. Set Up a Seller Profile

Your profile serves to showcase your skills and experience to potential buyers. The way you present your profile determines whether buyers will order your gigs. Therefore, use this chance to impress buyers by proving to them that you’re the right freelancer.

3. Create a Gig

Now that you’ve completed your seller profile, it’s time to create your first gig. A gig is a job description you can use to showcase your services to buyers. Each gig requires you to fill out basic information about your services, including:

An Overview

When you click “create a new gig,” the first section you’ll need to fill out is the overview. You’ll need to provide information for the following sections:

  • Gig title: Tell your prospective buyers what you have to offer.

  • Category: Select a category and subcategory that fits the service you’re offering.

  • Service type: Choose the service you’d like to offer buyers.

  • Gig metadata: Choose options that would make your gig stand out.

  • Search tags: Choose keywords that can help your gig rank higher when buyers search for the service.


Fiverr uses packages as the pricing structure for selling services on the platform. Packages let sellers combine a basic gig with built-in revisions and other extras to create an offer that gives buyers what they want.

Pricing a package usually works like this:

  • In the “name your package” field, give the section a title. If you opt to use the three sections, give each one a unique name.

  • Describe the services that you would offer to buyers and choose the delivery time. The delivery time should be constant or in ascending order.

  • Choose the number of revisions you can provide to the buyer and the total price for each section in ascending order.

  • You can choose to include extra services or omit them altogether.

Description and FAQ

In the description section, explain what your gig entails in the best way possible. Fill in the area for frequently asked questions by answering questions you think the buyer might want to know about the services you offer.


In this section, fill out what you want the buyer to provide before you begin the project.


Add images or videos that resonate with the gig you’ve created. You can download free stock images or create a video to promote your gig.


When you’re done filling in all of the gig information and you’re sure it looks good, click on “Publish.” Once you do, the gig will go live and buyers will be able to find it.

4. Market Your Gigs

Once you’ve published your gig, you can market it across social media. You can also send offers to buyers who post a request.

How To Make Money on Fiverr: 7 Lucrative Seller Categories

Fiverr has hundreds of seller categories. Here are just a few of the most lucrative types of jobs on Fiverr.

1. Graphic Design

If you’re a graphic designer, Fiverr is the right place to sell your services. If you design logos, clothes or cards, consider creating a gig on Fiverr. You can sell a gig from as low as $5 to as high as $1,000.

2. Website Development

Website development is another lucrative job you can land on Fiverr. One of the highly sought-after web development services on Fiverr is in the e-commerce niche. A website development gig can earn you between $100 and $2,000.

3. Translation

If you are multilingual, you can use that to your advantage by translating documents and other projects on Fiverr. You can offer to tutor people in the language and even market their products in that language. You can earn between $100 to $1,000 on a translation gig.

4. Copywriting

Wordsmiths are in high demand on Fiverr, which is what makes copywriting a lucrative gig. As a copywriter, you can review products, write blog posts and website landing pages, or author books. A copywriting gig on Fiverr can go as high as $5,000.

5. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistance has been gaining momentum in recent years, as more businesses have found they need help covering clerical tasks. As a virtual assistant on Fiverr, you’re assigned several duties, including data entry, emailing potential customers, cold calling, or setting appointments with clients. A virtual assistant gig can earn you between $5 to $100.

6. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is among the fastest-growing ventures on Fiverr. Some of the tasks you’ll perform as a social media marketer include audience research, monitoring social media platforms and posting content to them, and campaign creation. As a social media marketer, you can earn anywhere between $50 and $1,000, depending on the tasks the buyer wants you to perform.

7. Influencer Marketing

If you have many followers on social media, you can earn a pretty good amount of cash on Fiverr. Several businesses and individuals are willing to pay you to advertise their brand on your social media channels. The price for this service depends on the number of followers you have or the conversions the buyer gets.

Tips To Maximize Sales on Fiverr

Because Fiverr is one of the largest online marketplaces for freelancers, competition is very stiff. Here are some of the things you can do to maximize your sales on Fiverr.

1. Make Your Profile Stand Out

Your profile should be descriptive and detailed enough to keep buyers from guessing. You can make your profile outstanding by uploading a professional photo or video detailing your services.

2. Optimize Your Profile and Gigs

Your gig’s going to compete against thousands of other gigs on Fiverr, making it hard for buyers to locate you. Using SEO strategies such as user-friendly language and keywords increases your chances of selling more.

3. Create More Gigs

Fiverr allows you to create a maximum of seven gigs for different services. More gigs could mean more sales.

4. Strive for 5-Star Ratings

Consistently deliver high-quality services on the platform to earn good ratings from buyers. Feedback and reviews will not only maintain your reputation on Fiverr but also help your gigs rank higher.

5. Utilize Gig Extras

Making use of gig extras will enable you to attract and retain more buyers and, most importantly, upsell your gigs. Gig extras can take the form of faster delivery, unlimited revisions, and money-back guarantees, among others.

6. Use the Fiverr Mobile App

Fiverr has a mobile app that can help you communicate with clients on the go. On Fiverr, timely responses mean good customer service, which helps boost your success.

Pros and Cons of Fiverr

Like any other online platform, Fiver has advantages and disadvantages.



How does Fiverr make money? Fiverr fees for clients and freelancers

Learning how to make money on Fiverr means understanding that Fiverr will also be making some good money off your services.

Like Upwork, Fiverr also charges both freelancers and agencies to use their marketplace, plus whenever you move money around.

For freelancers, this involves a flat rate of 20% on any project. This is comparable to Upwork, although, on Fiverr, there’s no incentive to keep working with one client to reduce this fee over the duration of your relationship.

What I really don’t understand is that Fiverr also takes 20% off any additional money you make on the order if a customer tips you.

A payment processing fee following the industry-standard 3% could make sense, but the current state of affairs is certainly tacky. Fiverr also charges $1 every time you want to transfer money to your bank account via direct deposit. You can move money to Paypal for free, but you’ll still have to deal with Paypal’s processing fees, so it’s not really a better situation.

On the client side, Fiverr charges a service fee to place an order: $2 on orders up to $40, and 5% on purchases above $40.

Although it can certainly hurt to know that you’re automatically giving up 20% of the sale with a new client on Fiverr or Upwork, it might ease the pain a bit to understand that these fees are tax-deductible.

It’s the little things.

While both platforms make money on every conceivable aspect of the transaction, I still think it makes more sense to spend your time and energy on Fiverr because of the way Gigs are set up.

Why Fiverr should be your freelance marketplace of choice

Listen, no freelancer marketplace is perfect.

I wouldn’t suggest that you build your freelance business completely on the rented land that is a marketplace like Fiverr.

Your ultimate goal should be to build a brand (read how here) that attracts clients to your services from a variety of sources. That way, if any one of these inputs ever falls apart — like if a freelance marketplace decides to shut down your account — you’re not totally screwed when it comes to paying your bills.

But all that said, Fiverr can be a great side hustle or supplement to your freelance business income. Fiverr’s marketplace has a built-in user base that funnels traffic to your Gigs: you just have to convert that traffic with a great offer supported by a solid reputation on the platform.

Even if you don’t technically own the client relationship, Fiverr can help you build up a regular clientele of cool businesses to work with and good agency partners.

And you have the option of using Fiverr as more than just a seller — there’s a lot of talent that you might want to tap on the platform for help with your own business.

On a related note, Fiverr Studios offers another way to work with fellow freelancers on multi-faceted projects.

What I really like about using Fiverr over the past several years is that it has allowed me to test out various service offerings and the various components that make them up.

Based on the questions I get and the packages that people order, I learn more about what people really want. This helps support how I structure my offerings — even outside of the platform.

Fiverr has come a long way from its initial launch as a platform that forced freelancers to offer services starting at $5.

While you should certainly take related marketplace offerings into consideration when structuring your Gigs, you have complete freedom to set your own pricing (with some minor restrictions for sending custom offers, depending on your seller level).

All that said, learning how to make money on Fiverr is a long game.

There’s a large distance between the level you’ll start at as a new seller and the level you’ll need to be to make the $2-3k/month I’ve been pulling in.


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